Blogger Award thing.


I expected to come back home to Wales to a bit of rain, cat cuddles, hours of editing photographs and some much missed yoghurt, oh and a working shower. I did not expect this little nugget hanging around in my About section. One of my followers, has awarded me the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award and I’d feel a bit of a knob if I didn’t go through with the little process that comes with it. Firstly, a huge thanks to him – he is one of the few blogs I’ve read that is unequivocally honest, funny and insightful about travelling whilst being 100% himself. Check out his romps here: (you can imagine what it’s about!) Secondly, the fact that someone views my infrequent posts of my travel photographs, the dotted about creative writing, the rambling confessions of a traveller/twenty-year old girl, to be inspiring – is somewhat of a baffling honour. I am happy my little musings and pictures give thought/pleasure where they can.

To accept the award I need to a) drop his page in my post (see above). b) post the award image. (see above). c) share 7 random facts about myself and d) nominate 15 other blogs and let them know about it.

Random facts:

1. I had my first birthday in an eco-community in the south of Spain

2. I have been a vegetarian all of my life (all 21 shiny years that is)

3. I have a tattoo on my wrist

4. This year I have visited Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp as well as travelled to Uganda

5. I currently have a dread / braid thanks to visiting a Ugandan hairdressers

6. I am a bloody good cake baker

7. I can make a wallet out of a juice carton

Nominating 9 other blogs (I know I know, but I honestly don’t follow that many blogs):

# – one of the best travel blogs out there IMO, with a healthy splodge of fitness.

# – this girl dreams big, travels far and writes some seriously good stuff

# – a great quirky and veggie friendly little travel blog

# – some very heartfelt and beautiful words

# – a man who knows how to write

# – an incredibly honest writer

# – Patrick combines two of the very best things with insane skill – hiking and photography

# – Lachlan and Cathy’s blog – something poignant about it – no words needed

# – a blog which makes me smile daily

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